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The Team at Katie Weeds Hair & Beauty

The KW Team

Our team is everything to us!

If we don't have the right people, our customer doesn't get the right service. To be part of the team, you need to be passionate about our clients and love what you do. For us, that's what makes the KW difference.

If you're looking for a new stylist or just want to know what makes our team tick read on!

So, meet the team! (They're lovely, you're going to like them...)

Our Hair Team

Picture of Katie


Company Director | KW Group

Passionate and dedicated to all things hair, Katie has run her own salons since 2014. She truly loves her work and her clients are like family. Specialising in colour and restyles.

   Long sunny holidays

Locations: Belper | Duffield | Allestree

Picture of Laura


Director Stylist

Expert in colour, balayage and ombre, Laura loves people and working with the girls. Specialises in L'Oréal Colour, perms and Beauty Works extensions.

   Tea and her cat
   Being late

Locations : Belper | Allestree | Duffield

Picture of Danielle


Senior Stylist

From Apprentice to Senior Stylist, Danielle has been part of the team since forever and is renowned for her beautiful restyles and her sunny disposition.

   Family and holidays
   Nosiness and tardiness

Locations: Belper | Duffield

Picture of Rebecca


Senior Stylist

Rebecca adores her job and is the absolute queen of GHD. Want to learn to curl? Ask Rebecca! A talented and friendly all-rounder.

  Hair science

Locations: Belper | Duffield | Allestree

Picture of Kim


Senior Stylist

Kim is a real perfectionist and her favourite style is a bob for its clean crisp lines. A real character, she loves chatting with all her clients.

   Skin fades

Locations: Belper

Picture of Amy


Senior Stylist

Amy is a lovely addition to the team and has many years experience in salons across Derbyshire. Probably the chattiest stylist ever!

   Her lovely daughters
   A disorganised salon

Locations: Allestree

Picture of Karolina


Senior Stylist

Karolina is a caring and careful hairstylist who will happily take time to advise on hair maintenance too.

   Colour creativity
   Rude people

Locations: Allestree

Picture of Toni


Senior Stylist

Toni is a calm and collected stylist, who sparkles when she's at work - she truly loves her job.

   Her motorhome
   Mess and clutter

Locations: Duffield | Allestree

Picture of Amanda


Senior Stylist

Amanda is such a cheerful soul and a really talented stylist with many years of experience - it's great to have her around!

   Her family

Locations: Allestree | Duffield

Picture of Nicola


Senior Stylist

Nicola comes to us with years of experience in great cuts! With a lovely calm and caring nature, Nicola is a great choice.

   Her animals

Locations: Duffield | Allestree

Picture of Iona



Iona such a positive and friendly stylist, and she absolutely loves everything hair - colour, cuts and creativity!


Locations: Belper

Picture of Abbi


Graduate Stylist

Abbi is a bright young thing with an amazing career ahead. We can already tell that she's going to a real talent!

   Being busy
   People's drama

Locations: Allestree

Picture of Jo


Graduate Stylist

Jo joined us a graduate wanting more experience and has really proved herself by excelling in so many things.

   Her family

Locations: Belper

Picture of Neve


Graduate Stylist

From cheeky apprentice to the fantastic stylist she is today, Neve is still as enthusiastic today as the day she stepping in the salon.

   Being creative
   Slow walkers

Locations: Belper

Picture of Jaime



Jaime has grown so much in confidence and shows great promise in colour work. Her balayage and highlight work are superb!


Locations: Belper | Duffield

Picture of Leah



Leah has blossomed over the year and is an absolute gem in the salon. Great product knowledge and she's a very skilled stylist who has come on leaps and bounds.

   New techniques

Locations: Belper | Duffield

Picture of China



You will see China everywhere in the salon, she never stops as she continues learning all the salon ropes!

   Cows - ask her!

Location: Belper

Our Beauty Team

Picture of Jessica


Beauty Therapist

Jessica loves the caring aspect of beauty therapy and loves knowing that her clients leave her feeling wonderful.

   All things nail-art

Locations: Belper

Picture of Kelsey


Beauty Therapist

Currently on maternity leave, Kelsey really loves what she does and you can tell. She loves meeting people and knowing that they will feel and look great after one of her treatments.

   Animals and nature
   Open mouth chewers

Locations: Belper

Our Head Office Team

Picture of Chris Weeds

Chris Weeds

Chief Executive Officer | LIG

Chris is Katie's Dad and the CEO of the LIG Group of companies which includes KW Hair & Beauty and engineering firms in Yorkshire.


Locations: HO & Belper

Picture of Amy Swift

Amy Swift

Group Marketing Director | LIG

Amy creates all marketing materials, branding, websites, printed material, PR and social media in-house for the LIG Group.

   Art & Music

Locations: HO & Belper

Picture of Laura Ryder

Laura Ryder

Company Director | KW Group

Ryder was responsible for setting up and now running our Allestree salon and is deeply involved with growing the KW Group.

   Her family

Locations: HO & Allestree